About Us
We have come to connect!
Sending parcels, especially for long distances, is usually expensive, regardless of which carrier is being used or in/between which countries it happens. People desire a reliable and fast postal system, but would it be possible to add affordability to that as well? With the increase in the social media use, some people made their own way to find travelers willing to carry their parcels along with their own belongings to reduce the cost of this service. Based on such real need and demand in the market for an Affordable long-distance postal system, ComfyPost has been created by a number of experts in the Information Technology, Management and Business Analysis fields to directly connect demand with supply. We help people in need of shipping parcels to find people who are interested in helping or making money while traveling. We hope you to get Comfy by using ComfyPost! This privately-owned firm is eager to absorb investors and would be glad to have new sources of energy, ideas, and cheerfulness in its wonderful specialist team.
Comfy Post Inc. is a Canadian company based in Calgary, Alberta.
Establishing a system which facilitates transferring parcels in less time and with significantly lower expenses than common postal systems.
Becoming a Trustworthy, Popular and Accessible people based postal system everywhere needed in the world.
+ Integrity and transparency of performance
+ Compliance with international & internal laws and regulations
+ Privacy, security, ease of access
+ An ongoing effort to improve quality
+ Customer satisfaction